About Us

Scientia, a Tech Organization, is driven by 3 core values – Commitment, Customer Focus and Innovation. Scientia have its presence in the technology arena for more than a decade. The venture is the outcome of a passionate group of technocrats who always wanted to do things differently. Scientia have successfully launched multiple products so far - ParentEye, CorpERP and Kemedy are a few of them.

Scientia have decades of experience in education domain which helped to identify the key pain areas within the education institutions and was doing continuous research to solve some of these issues. The result is the product ParentEye which is intended to solve one of the biggest concern - Building a good Customer Relationship.


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What is ParentEye

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is essential for any education institution management for reaching their quality goals. Ensuring continuous improvement of parent-teacher engagement is vital. The active engagement of a teacher with students and parents is a key factor in assessing the quality standard of the institution. A good CRM should have reports that provide insights into the quality of parent teacher engagements.

ParentEye is a CRM tool designed specifically for educational institution managements, considering all aspects of schooling. ParentEye provides all necessary tools and reports to enhance the school/parent relationship and continuously improve the quality of engagement. It’s a platform catering all the stakeholders in the institution.

How it Works



Contact ParentEye sales team to register the school



Provide the Student and Teacher data to ParentEye Support



Download the app from PlayStore/AppStore



And that's it!! The school can start using the system right away.