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Terms & Conditions

  1. Scope of Service

Scientia has agreed to provide the following services

  1. All functionalities as mentioned in Annexure of Agreement with Scientia.
  2. The services would be available to the client as a Mobile & Web application
  3. All data required for the proper functioning of  “ ParentEye “ will be provided by the Customer.
  4. Based on receipt of all requisite data in Scientia prescribed format and process will be applied and uploaded by Scientia to ensure proper functioning of “ ParentEye “ .
  5. All hosting expenses would be covered by Scientia.
  6. Scientia will provide promotion and access to paid/unpaid services to end users of ParentEye. Provision of such services will be at the sole discretion of ParentEye.
  7. SMS based services are optional and can be provided based on Customer request. All SMS/OTP costs will be borne extra by the Customer.
  8. Maximum size of all SMS will be currently 160 characters and governed by TRAI regulations.
  1. Application Launching and Training

The Customer hereby agrees to provide a platform to launch/introduce “ ParentEye” service and all its features to users (Parents and Staff) of their school.

  1. Product and Service charges
  1. Post receipt of confirmation of successful trial by Customer, the Customer will sign a formal agreement with Scientia confirming rates and payment modes for usage of ParentEye.
  2. In case either party intends to discontinue usage/provision of services, the Customer would communicate to Scientia in writing in advance as prescribed in the termination clause. Email to Scientia should be at mail@scientiaindia.com.
  1. Commercials
  1. SMS/OTP charges as applicable/consumed by school will be payable by school, throughout the period of this agreement.
  2. The customer will pay Scientia @ per student per annum.The rates are subject to change as determined by market forces and regulatory bodies.
  3. The amount will be paid by the customer as per the applicable billing cycle.
  4. Count of students will be based on the initial count of students uploaded. All student additions to this list during the year will be counted as eligible for payment by Customer to Scientia at above mentioned rates.
  5. Payment can be made by customer to Scientia vide net banking or Cheque.
  6. Payments are subject to taxes and transaction charges extra as advised by the legal bodies from time to time.
  7. Payments made to Scientia will be non-refundable under any circumstances.
  8. SMS/OTP purchased through Scientia cannot be returned or reimbursed under any circumstances.
  1. Responsibility of Customer
  1. Customer will make best efforts to ensure 100% ParentEye application download on their respective smartphones by all parents of students studying in the school.
  2. Customer will encourage and ensure usage of ParentEye by all staff and parents.
  1. Information Exchange

Both Customer and Scientia are in agreement to provide necessary information to each other in the form of documents/emails related to service.

  1. Confidentiality

Both parties will take all necessary steps to ensure that all information, written or verbal concerning Scientia  or the Customer or their respective customers, business plans and financial details, and the existence and the content of the  agreement  remains confidential and that such information is neither used or disclosed except as required by law. No public statement, press release or other communication relating to such information or existence of this agreement shall be made without the prior approval of the Scientia. The Customer also agrees not to engage another party for the same service as described in scope during the same period.

  1. Intellectual Property and copyright
  1. Scientia shall retain all ownership and Intellectual Property (IP) of all services, integrations, alliances provided by ParentEye. Scientia, at its own sole discretion, shall retain the right to transfer the ownership and Intellectual Property to any third party as it deems fit.
  2. The Scientia retains the right to provide its Customers, their end users and all beneficiaries of the customers with commercial products and services from time to time. The provision of such products and services will be at the sole discretion of the Scientia.
  3. The Scientia retains the right to modify/change its offices, premises and servers as deemed fit by the Scientia from time to time.